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Zoom Kara Pure Replacement Filter Set
Zoom Kara Pure Replacement Filter Set
Zoom Kara Pure Replacement Filter Set
Zoom Kara Pure Replacement Filter Set

Kara Pure Replacement Filter Set


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Replacement Filter Set

Premium carbon filter and alkaline mineralizer.
3000L of use /
Replace Every 6-Months

Dimensions- 42" (1070mm) H x 16" (400mm) W x 8" (220mm) D

Power- 110/220V AC 60Hz

Power Consumption- 588W

Color- Brushed Stainless Steel

Water Capacity- 5-10L (2.5 Gal.)

Weight (empty)- 32kg (70 lbs)

Operating R.H.- 60%-80% R.H.

Optimal Temperature- 21°C

Acoustic Footprint (operating)- 30 dBa

Air Purification (cfm)- 200 cfm

Water Output Purity- 99.9999%

Construction- Stainless steel, BPA free

Water Properties- Ionized, Mineral, Antioxidant, Anti-bacterial

Kara Pure Replacement Filter Set

$149.00 USD


What is 'air to water'?

Air to water means that we take humidity from the air and turn it into water. No, it is not magic, but it is sustainable and safer than groundwater.

How does 'air to water' work?

Kara Pure uses desiccant technology which naturally acts like a magnet to water molecules in the air.

How much water does it produce?

Kara Pure produces up to 10L (2.5 gal) per day, every day. This will vary depending on the humidity of the day.

Is the stored water stored safely to drink after sitting for a while?

Yes, absolutely! Kara Pure intelligently cycles the water in the storage area continuously, ensuring that the water is always purified and great tasting.

Does Kara Pure work with 110v and 220v?

Yes! Kara Pure is available in both 110v and 220v.



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