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The Story of Kara Water

The Story of Kara Water

(Photo of Kara Water CEO and Founder Cody Soodeen holding the CES 2023 Best Innovation Award)

10 Years in the Making...

Kara Water wasn't always a company that was internationally recognized with hundreds of magazines, newspapers, and articles written about us. These things only began to happen in December of 2021. While we are grateful for all of these recognitions today, our story begins 12 years ago.

In 2011, our CEO and Founder, Cody Soodeen, was studying to become an architect. While studying, Cody discovered the amazing science of biomimicry (bio-mimic-cre), a science that studies nature and replicates its function, like how a solar panel mimics a plant or a leaf. What Cody discovered would change his path to becoming an architect forever.

The Little Beetle that Could!

While studying biomimicry, Cody learned about a little beetle that lives in the driest desert in the world called the Namibian desert beetle. The Namibian desert beetle has developed a miraculous technique to survive. This technique allows the beetle to capture the moisture in the air on its shell, and after enough water has collected, it will do a handstand and drink the water off of its own back! Amazing right?! This natural phenomenon has come to be known as "vapor harvesting."

(Photo of the Namibian Desert beetle capturing water on the surface of it's body. SOLVIN ZANKO/MINDEN PICTURES)

Upon witnessing this, this was the ah ha moment for Cody! Realizing that if a tiny little beetle could turn the air around it into enough drinking water to survive in the driest desert in the world, then there had to be a way to replicate this natural phenomenon in our homes, cities, and buildings! This discovery led Cody to develop a system that replicated the shell of the beetle and how it captured moisture from the air. This was the start of what would eventually come to be Kara Pure and Kara Water!

Living with Contaminated Drinking Water

Stepping back a bit, Cody's story is not just about developing a cool technology that may seem like magic.

From a young age, Cody and his family had faced health threatening struggles with their drinking water.

Cody grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania where his family was lucky enough to have their own well water. For many years, his family struggled with ongoing health issues that doctors could not identify the root cause of. After many years, a doctor requested to test their well water, and to their surprise, the doctor reported to them that their well water was severely contaminated with dangerously high levels of bacteria, and that it was surely the root cause of their ongoing health issues!

The doctor recommended that they shock their well with chlorine and that seemed to work for a short time but soon after it became contaminated again. They soon realized that due to the hilly nature of their community, that because they lived downhill from everyone else, and all ground contaminants, including pesticides from the farm nearby, ran down into their well! After realizing this, they completely switched to solely drinking bottled water as they had lost complete trust in their tap water, filtered or not! 

(Photo pouring water into glass from tap. NetGeo)

Fast forward, back to Cody's ah ha moment, the discovery of the vapor harvesting beetle was not just an inspiration to develop a cool technology, it was an inspiration to develop a technology to solve his families drinking water issues! 

Our Mission

Over the next 10 years, Cody would go on to work as an architect around the world and tandemly develop the technology that would serve as the basis of Kara Pure and Kara Water. There were many ups and downs, but Cody was committed to bringing this technology to fruition as he believed that unlocking local access to drinking water through air-to-water technology would change the world, just as it did for his own family, and he aims to do the same for millions more around the world!

(Photo of dozens of Kara Pure's being prepared for shipping. Cody Soodeen)

Today, Kara Pure is enjoyed by thousands of people all around the world and we couldn't have done it without people like you who support our vision through ownership or simply sharing our story. So, we thank you for being a part of our journey. The future is bright, and we can make a difference together! Let's make air-to-water technology mainstream and end the risk of drinking contaminated water, wasteful plastic bottles, and water scarcity as a whole.

After 10 years, we're just getting started and there is much to still do! Thanks for supporting us!

P.S. Try to find the easter egg in our chat bot related to Kara Water's history for a unique discount 🥚😉

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